ATC's and Email Subscription Transition

Happy Weekend!

I have been trading tiny art pieces with artists internationally, as well as, in the USA since 2019. I cut my own cards to the size of 2.5 X 3.5 inches each, same size as baseball cards. Artists can purchase clear protective sleeves for mailing and storing them in a box. I bought the same pages that baseball card collectors use in 3-ring binders. Here is a recent sample of my first series of work that I traded to an artist in Massachusetts.

Artist Trading Cards - Wind in the Willows Characters

I included the art on this post because this is my art-focused blog, but I wanted to send out an explanation for my email subscription transition.

Google sent out a notice in 2021 that they were shutting down their email service, but I was uncertain when that would occur. It must have been the previous week, because I posted on Tuesday and it never came. (Here is YOWBI week 13 Balaam and His Donkey)

Just a note about my transition to the company for email subscription service. It's a free service for a very basic delivery. They decide the delivery time. With the free service, I am very limited to many options, which includes the email REPLY TO option. I would have pay for this REPLY  TO option, so I'm trying a clever work-around to include a "Contact form" at the end of each post. It might look ugly, but it serves a function. I hope it works.

Please bare with me while I work out the kinks.

And I apologize for the ugly political ads at the end of the delivery. I was horrified when I saw Biden's ugly mug at the end of my email. 😂 I don't even know that paying for the service would remove the ads - they seem to always make a way to push their narrative and agenda.

Have a peaceful rest of your day or night and as Paul says "Fight the Good Fight" (2 Tim. 4:7)! 😇

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