Whimsical Bunny Tarot - The Hierophant

Whimsical Bunny Tarot

Major Arcana

V - The Hierophant

The rabbit burrow is a sanctuary for a specific purpose in the community. The sage sits upon a slab of amethyst. Her right hand poses with the traditional gesture of benediction, two fingers extended. Two querents receive blessings: one will apply the blessing in a spiritual way and the other (pointing to heaven), a practical way (pointing to earth).  The sage knows where to put faith to unlock the secrets of life, represented by the staff with the key emblem. The book and scroll symbolize rules, structure and deeper understanding. The sanctuary walls are adorned with hieroglyphs: the spiral, the sun, the star, the shield knot and lettuce.

When you see The Hierophant it is about conforming and community.

Reversed: non-conformity, lack of spirituality, lack of purpose

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