Bunny Girl Studios - Watercolor Logo Illustration

Welcome BACK!

Really I'm welcoming us both back to my blog. My last post was over 1 month ago. Life took me on a "side note" but I cannot be kept away from illustrating permanently!

Actually, my little "side note" came at a great time. I was seriously motivated for a change in my art life - I bought a new domain - www.bunnygirlstudios.com .  This domain will showcase all my whimsical bunny and friends designs, and grow from there.

With a new domain, I needed to create a new instagram account too. The art in today's post was created for my @bunny_girl_studios - instagram account. I decided to take process photos and share them.

The first image shows the final logo illustration for @bunny_girl_studios and served as the first post over there too. 😊  The captions in the images explain the process. I like posts short and sweet, so I'm going to try to create this one as such. Enjoy!

Final Logo Illustration

Thumbnail sketches. I love this step!

USA General's Cedar Pointe #333-2HB
It's my new favorite pencil to sketch with. 😁

I transferred my design to 100% cotton paper.

This is my set-up - I'm right handed. 😂

My first wash of color
- Quinacridone gold by Daniel Smith
Finished painting just before the final inking.

Here's the final painting
before I scan it into the computer
and give it a few more tweaks. 😍