Fox Ballet Dancer - Watercolor Illustration

Whimsical Cat

Today I painted the red fox with Winsor and Newton Cotman cadmium red deep hue. With the black tea as an under-painting, the vibrancy of the cad red was subdued. It matched the Finetec mica watercolor "red" perfectly!

Deer Ballet Dancer - Whimsical Watercolor

Whimsical Deer

Today I worked on the deer for the Cute Critter Ballet Dancer series. I used the color Viridian from my Holbein watercolor set on Blick's 100% cotton. 

Christmas Break for Bunny & Bird - Watercolor Illustration

Christmas Break

The kiddos will soon have their Christmas break from school, if they're not already on break. When I thought of school getting out for them, this vision popped into my head. These two characters are also enjoying their break as the holiday approaches!

Christmas Mouse Rides a Barn Owl - Watercolor & Ink Illustration

Birdmas Art Challenge 2017

Entry 2: Barn Owl and Mouse Illustration

This grey Christmas mouse rides a barn owl taxi! I imagine he's on his way to Santa's workshop about this time of year. (I'm loving the Waterford hot press cotton paper! - Thanks England!) #Birdmas 

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