August 27, 2019

Whimsical Bunny Tarot Card - The Fool - Watercolor Illustration

Whimsical Bunny Tarot

Major Arcana

The Fool

I started creating my very own tarot card deck last week. The deck will include 78 cards and I'm using the Universal Waite Tarot and Crystal Visions Tarot as my guide and inspiration. The name of my own deck is called "Whimsical Bunny Tarot". Here is my version of major arcana card 0, "The Fool". 

The Fool enthusiastically grabs onto the string of a balloon that moves in whatever direction the wind blows. The fragrance of the sweet flowers and salty sea water intoxicate her. The conditions are unsafe and her narwhal friend tries to warn her. 

Reversed: Neglect, Thoughtless, Careless
To view the collection as it grows I created a Pinterest board -

August 13, 2019

Bunny Girl Studios - Watercolor Logo Illustration

Welcome BACK!

Really I'm welcoming us both back to my blog. My last post was over 1 month ago. Life took me on a "side note" but I cannot be kept away from illustrating permanently!

Actually, my little "side note" came at a great time. I was seriously motivated for a change in my art life - I bought a new domain - .  This domain will showcase all my whimsical bunny and friends designs, and grow from there.

With a new domain, I needed to create a new instagram account too. The art in today's post was created for my @bunny_girl_studios - instagram account. I decided to take process photos and share them.

The first image shows the final logo illustration for @bunny_girl_studios and served as the first post over there too. 😊  The captions in the images explain the process. I like posts short and sweet, so I'm going to try to create this one as such. Enjoy!

Final Logo Illustration

Thumbnail sketches. I love this step!

USA General's Cedar Pointe #333-2HB
It's my new favorite pencil to sketch with. 😁

I transferred my design to 100% cotton paper.

This is my set-up - I'm right handed. 😂

My first wash of color
- Quinacridone gold by Daniel Smith
Finished painting just before the final inking.

Here's the final painting
before I scan it into the computer
and give it a few more tweaks. 😍