7 Things Radagast the Brown Has Taught Me About Illustration

Radagast the Brown Watercolor Illustration

Really it was upon completing my illustration of Radagast the Brown that I had an "ah-ha" moment, not actually a lesson from Radagast himself. :-)  How cool would that be to meet a fictional healing wizard?!

My realization was this: In order to successfully create designs I love and promote (and market - oneday) I have decided to establish and prioritize a creative routine.But - I have to keep it. This includes saying "no" to events and favors for others that distract me from my goal, and carving out most of my week specifically for designing. This also includes saying "yes" to events and people that inspire and support my goal.

I'm continually learning what it means for me to "be an independent illustrator". This is not something that defines who I am; it's simply something I love to do a majority of my time. At this point, being independent illustrator means: 

1) keeping my creative doors open - letting the vibes do their thing
2) seeking out new design ideas & techniques - technical education
3) letting the Universe guide me (!! This is a big one for me. Release the need to control.)
4) staying away from negativity & drama (creative doors close tight for me if this is an influence in my life)
5) taking my time - I have to embrace "my own way"
6) and understanding there is always something more for me to learn in the art field (and life - haha). 
7) Last but not least, on being independent - I also believe that the energy I offer to support and encourage others to achieve their personal and professional goals comes back my way. It's a "win-win" attitude and it feels great too!

This is really "a journey" for me. Until I take one step, the next one isn't revealed. It's a balance between having an idea and then implementing it. It's a balance between "talking", "wishing", and "taking action". It's a balance between listening to others and listening to my own heart. Life isn't black and white. It all works together. If I allow myself to relax and let life flow, inspiration comes magically. Except it really isn't magical, is it. It seems to be a blend between logical and spiritual happenstance. :-D With that, I'll close, leaving Radagast to explain his unspoken magical message.


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