May 26, 2018

Vector Graphic Using Watercolor Design

Solitude - Vector Graphic

I continued to explore digital art this past week. I used a watercolor design called "Solitude" I painted at the beginning of 2018 for the main graphic image.

May 18, 2018

Spring Ducky - Digital Painting

Spring Duck Digital Painting

This week I'm exploring digital painting, trying to get my groove in the medium and my Wacom tablet. The image was inspired by a ring that topped an Easter cupcake. I sketched it out for my "Draw180 Art Challenge". I intended it to have a "Spring birdy" appearance more than "infant bird pattern", but whatever, it's still cute! It would look nice on a baby's towel or changing station mat.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Spring Duck Wacom Digital Painting

May 11, 2018

Raccoon in a Tree – Ball-point Drawing

Raccoon Baby – Biro Drawing

Happy Friday!

If you remember my post last week, I shared the “Chinese Year of the Dog” ball-point drawing from my “Draw 180” sketchbook challenge. I've continued using this tool in my sketchbook and have really grown to enjoy it. In this weeks drawing I wanted something a bit more challenging concerning values. I decided a raccoon would fit perfectly. This raccoon cub was hidden in a shaded tree and I had to invent some values to differentiate between the trunk and chest.

May 4, 2018

Chinese Year of the Dog - Biro Drawing

Chinese Year of the Dog

Happy day to you!

Part of my "Draw 180" challenge is to include biro (British speak), or ballpoint pen drawings. Using ink as the initial layout, there is no turning back! I find myself erasing constantly and I now challenge myself to commit to a line. I went through some intense emotion the first couple of drawings but eventually grew confidence. In this drawing, you can see my initial layout lines and where I changed my mind and recommitted to another. I've grown to appreciate this look. 😁

It's the "Year of the Dog" in Chinese astrology at last. Here is my first (I think) finished entry of a dog.