January 7, 2018

Second Badger Ballet Dancer - Watercolor Illustration

Another Attempt at the Whimsical Badger

 After I finished the series of ballet dancers and put them in frames, I decided to have another go at the badger. I wanted the indigo to lean towards navy/purple rather than bright blue. Also, this time around, I changed the design a bit. I gave her band with frills on her head, and added frills to her straps. 
Whimisical Woodland Badger Ballet Dancer Watercolor Series

January 5, 2018

Badger Ballet Dancer - Watercolor Illustration

Whimsical Badger

The final painting for the Cute Critter Ballet Dancers series is the badger. She is a combination of Prussian (PB27) and Purple Lake (PV19). I was hoping to come closer to what I think Indigo is, but it just looks like a glazed Prussian - which is exactly what I did instead of mixing the pigments before laying them down. I did the same with my metallic watercolors for her accessories.  

Badger Ballet Dancer - Watercolor Illustration - By Tawnya Boe

January 4, 2018

Raccoon Ballet Dancer - Whimsical Illustration

Whimsical Raccoon

I'm still working with Holbein and Finetec watercolors for this series. I couldn't adjust the blue to be represented correctly on my computer monitor. I used cobalt blue, which reads more on the bright-cheery side rather than the deeper tone of navy or prussian blue.

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January 3, 2018

Mouse Ballet Dancer - Watercolor Illustration

Whimsical Mouse

 The turn of the new year slowed me up more than Christmas did this year. I needed a few days in between my red fox painting and this violet mouse painting. I used Holbein's "mineral violet" and Finetec mica "Amethyst".