Finetec German Mica Watercolors

Hi Everyone!

I picked up some high quality mica watercolors by Finetec last week. I was amazed to learn that these cakes are hand-made in Germany! Aren't the best paints hand made? :) My color-swatches are incredible. I drooled with each wash.

I thought I'd experiment with the colors on my new leaves designs.

These paints are also going to be absolutely perfect for calligraphic writing, especially since they are light-fast.

The black is not pearlescent. It's velvet and luscious! It will be fun to explore under-washes with this color. I have a feeling it's going to be great for details also.

Here are some shots of the paints and my process. Enjoy! 

Finetec Mica Pearlescent Watercolors
Swatch washes of the Finetec Mica watercolors
Wash without the mica colors

Mica watercolor on the maple leaves

Finished mica watercolor painting

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