August 31, 2017

City by the Cornfield - Graphite Sketch

This new idea I'm working on is inspired by the area in which we live. At one point there will be residential streets or shopping center, then just a mile-or-so down the road can be either a swamp or corn field. I prefer the corn fields - I dream of living in a small place in the country, of course.

Trendy Girl Walks a Corgi Graphite Illustration Art Sketch
A trendy girl walks a corgi in the city - graphite sketch

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August 25, 2017

Eddie The Indigo Star Child Watercolor Illustration - Complete

I started working right away again this morning. Little Eddie the Indigo Star Child is complete. Hopefully the concept is clear - the character is a gifted painter, and the someone special is giving him some added magical inspiration. The butterflies are sprinkling their magic about also!

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August 24, 2017

Eddie the Indigo Star Child

I got going right away this morning.


Now it's time for a break!

August 23, 2017

Whimsical Watercolor Worker Bee

Watercolor Whimsical Worker Bee Illustration By Tawnya Boe Art
Whimsical Worker Bee
Greetings! Good news.
I'm g r o w i n g! :)

It turns out that I am creating more illustrations per week than I had initially planned.

I want to set aside a space online where I could continually upload art that I am working on, no matter who or what the creation is for - even if it's a flop! So this is it - and this blog will accompany my website portfolio.

If you subscribed to my other blog, I will be using this blog in its place - so don't forget to subscribe to this one to get the updates.